The perceptions of hospital administrators about directors of pharmacy

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In order to discover the perceptions of the hospital administrator concerning the pharmacy director, a survey was sent to a random sample of 1000 hospital administrators nationwide. The survey asked the administrator's opinion on a five point Likert-type scale concerning the management skills of pharmacy directors in general and the pharmacy director at their institution. The value the administrator places on clinical pharmacy services was sought as well. The provision of each of five distributive pharmacy services and seven clinical pharmacy services was questioned as well as the training of the pharmacy director, and the reporting structure between administrator and pharmacy director. A response rate of 50.6% revealed hospital administrators believe pharmacy directors in general need most improvement in their relationship with nursing staff, basic management skills, and communication. They believe their pharmacy director is best at keeping up with progressive pharmacy practice, inventory management, and effectiveness with the P&T committee. Administrators believe it is important for pharmacy to be involved in therapeutic drug monitoring and prescription counseling, and somewhat important for progressive pharmacy service involvement. Thirty to forty percent of pharmacy directors are perceived to have completed a residency, and the 27% to 63% are perceived to have completed an advanced degree, the percent increasing with an increasing number of hospital beds.

Hospital pharmacies--Management, Pharmacy management