An analysis of the rate of decline in groundwater level in the area of Houston, Harris County, Texas



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A method for analyzing groundwater level declines to estimate a natural rate of groundwater recharge has been attempted. On the basis of observed water level annual rates of decline and the annual average daily rate of groundwater withdrawal, a rate of groundwater withdrawal associated with zero decline in the groundwater level may be determined. Correlation of the annual rate of groundwater level decline with the rate of groundwater withdrawal was made for six areas within the United States Geological Survey's Houston District and for the District as a whole. This correlation, by use of a least squares curve fitting of the data to generate a first order curve, produced negative and positive rates of natural recharge for the individual areas and produced a negative rate of natural recharge for the entire district. Correlation of the data with a more complex mathematical model will need to be done to accurately estimate the rate of natural recharge for the Houston District.