Factors influencing the survival of aerobic spore-forming bacteria in sea water



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Aerobic spore-forming bacteria were cultured in a modified sea water solution, with 0.1% tryptone as the only nutrient source. They were able to survive and multiply In sea water. Some vegetative cells and spores lysed in sea water, but vegetative cells were much more susceptible than spores. These bacteria were quite nutrient dependent in marine environment, and their growth rate was proportional to the nutrient concentration. The presence of 0.5 M sodium ions in sea water decreased the growth rate and increased cell lysis, while the other cations tested did not. Addition of ethanol amine increased the growth rate and survival of these bacteria in sea water, while tris only favored the latter. These compounds also seemed to stimulate spore maturation and germination processes, resulting in a high growth yield, although lysis was simultaneously occurring. Ethanol showed little effect on the inhibition exerted by the 0.5 M sodium ions. Ethyl amine and dimethyl-aminoethanol further increased the inhibition. The actions of tris and ethanol amine remained undetermined.