Personal Weltanschauungen and major assistances and misfortunes of life : an empirical approach



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In an expansion of previous studies of more than 300 biographies of eminent people which have shown that certain specific combinations of key environmental influences of life (assistances and misfortunes) Induce specific permanent personal weltanschauungen, a questionnaire was devised to measure personal weltanschauungen and key assistances and misfortunes and was given to 28 adults. Forecasts, for each subject were maae of key features of the personal Weltanschauung from the assumed causes in assistances and misfortunes along 15 basic types of personal Weltanschauung 'distilled' from the biographies. The statistical evidence showed significant results at alpha 0.01. The above seems capable of integration in a new theory of personality, and of coordination with the work of other researchers in related fields. The theory, and pertaining measuring instruments can be of help In diagnostics, therapy, counselling, and self-development.



Personality, Temperament