High Range Portable Bioimpedance Spectrometer with Four Electrode Analog Front End for Characterization of Mitochondria Bioenergetics



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A bioimpedance spectrometer for impedance characterization of mitochondria is developed. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to many diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart failure and aging. The synthesis of Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) is determined by the electrical potential across the inner mitochondrial membrane and by the pH difference due to proton flux across it. This circuit helps study the influence of frequency over mitochondria. The proposed bioimpedance spectrometer uses a four-point probe setup, i.e., two electrodes induce current while the other two electrodes pick up the voltage. This reduces the Maxwell-Wagner and counter ion polarization effects. We develop a portable bioimpedance spectrometer with adjustable feedback gain to measure impedance from 100 Ohm to 100K Ohm, from 100 Hz to 2 MHz.



Bioimpedance, Spectrometer, Mitochondria, Bioenergetics, Atmega1284P, AD9833, INA111, AD8302, TSLV2785, AD603, Variable Gain Amplifier, VGA, Instrumentation amplifier, Frequency Generator, AC Voltage Controlled Current Source, Oroboros Oxygraph 2K, Oxygen Consumption