A comparison of the WISC and the WISC-R for the individualized educational program developed for the learning disabled



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The purpose of this study was to compare and contrast the diagnostic value of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Chil- dren-Revised (WISC-R) in the development of the individualized educational program (IEP). An essential component of the study was to determine if the student identified as learning disabled with the WISC would have a significantly higher score on the WISC-R. The subjects were 40 children randomly selected from a pool of children identified as language and/or learning disabled who remained in the school district located in the Gulf Coast region and had been administered the WISC four years earlier. The age range of the subjects for the WISC-R administration was 9 years, 10 months to 14 years, 0 months. The WISC-R was administered to 30 of the subjects and the WISC was readministered to 10 of the subjects. The tests were administered by 12 educational diagnosticians and completed within a 46 day period. The principal investigator had no contact with the students or the diagnosticians. [...]