Stochastic Electrotransport device for tissue clearing application.



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One of the applications of the stochastic electrotransport device is tissues clearing. However, the price of the device is very expensive and not available for students and casual researchers. Therefore, it’s difficult for researchers and students to acquire and conduct their own research. The device also has a lot of limits, such as the size of sampling tissue and the ability to control the intensity of the electric field and to monitor the clearing process . Our initial goal was to construct a stochastic electrotransport device with low-cost and easy to use for the tissues clearing application that allows other students, researchers, and professors to conduct their own research. One of the main objectives of the research is to generate rotational electric field surround tissue to speed up the process of driving the electromobile molecules into the tissue. Instead of using a motor to rotate a chamber contain the tissue, we decide to control the set of electrodes placed surround the tissues, which would give us more in control on the speed and the intensity of the electric field. Another main objective is to dissipate the heat from the set of electrodes using the electrode solution during the clearing application as well as preventing the probes (e.g. lectin) from contacting the electrodes. Due to time constraint and some issues with the equipment (equipment and tools not available or broken, required time to order and repair), we are only able to finish 60-70% of research. We are able to generate a rotational electric field as well as construct a 3D printed of the device. Right now, we are working on to determine to optimum concentration of clearing reagent with our config intensity of eclectic field (Boric acid, Lithium Hydroxide, Spectra/Por 1 , Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate…) for the clearing application. However, we haven’t had time to test and verify to see whether the lectin is contacting the electrodes or not.