The visual retention test : A study of predictive validity for middle elementary school achievement



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A preliminary validation study of the Revised Visual Retention Test (VRT) was made using 205 elementary school children in grades 3, 4, and 5. Achievement grades obtained in two succeeding school years, for all school subjects and two achievement averages were correlated with VRT variables of visual-motor memory, visual-motor copy, and memory minus copy performance for each of number correct and number of error scores. Data were sorted by CA and form of administration and six correlation matrices were obtained for the sample. Analysis of the data revealed a number of significant correlations for the hypothesized relationships of (1) VRT memory scores and language achievement grades and (2) VRT copy scores and analytic achievement grades but only a minimal number of significant correlations for the hypothesized relationship of (3) memory minus copy scores and language achievement grades. Correlations were only moderately high, however, and truncation of the distributions was cited as a probable reason for possible restriction of correlations. Further study was recommended and suggestions were made for improving the research design.