A functional and operational upgrade on an interactive system for image processing

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Image processing is a science concerned with the manipulation and analysis of pictures by computer that has found a significant role in scientific, industrial, biomedical, space and governmental applications. The process of manipulating and analysis pictures calls for an interactive system for easily handling images. A basic system for image processing, called ISIP, was developed by Michael Lee, in 1985. The major functions of the system include: image digitization, normalization, segmentation, equalization, contouring, enlargement, and several different graphic device interfaces. However, applicability of this system is restricted. For example, many important image processing functions are not included, data movement is constrained, a user's command can be accepted only in a restricted format, etc. This thesis presents an enhanced version of Lee's system, which we call ISIP- V2. Both functional and operational enhancements on the basic system have been developed. The major modifications include: (1) integrating important image processing functions such as: histogram transformation, image smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, thinning, and Hough transformation for line and circle detection; (2) providing the system with additional flexibility with regard to image data movement; (3) providing an interface between the system and host computer so a user can switch to and from the host computer without terminating the current image processing session; (4) setting up a time monitor for the system; (5) enriching the image display capabilities so that the user can display an image either on an ADAGE 3000 or a LEX 90 graphic device and can plot a gray-level image on a Printronix printer or a Benson-Varian electrostatic plotter by means of a halftoning technique; and (6) implementing a command processor to handle a user's flexible format input command. The objectives of ISIP-V2 are to achieve four goals : (1) provide general users with an interactive environment for image processing, (2) provide researchers with an environment for developing image processing algorithms, (3) relieve the user from the burden of dealing with special image display peripherals, and (4) create a library of image processing functions which can be extracted and incorporated by the user in other applications independent of the ISIP-V2 system. In order to achieve these goals, ISIP-V2 has been designed as a modular system consisting of a handler and a large set of image processing modules. The handler will serve as a user friendly interface and direct user's request to a specific module for processing. This system is developed in FORTRAN programming language under the VAX/VMS 4.4 operating system.

Image processing, Interactive computer systems