The theory of play: A study of its history and philosophy based on original texts by Schiller, Froebel, Compayre and Piaget



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Purpose. The purpose of this dissertation was to present an analysis of the history and philosophy underlying the play theory of childhood activities and in so doing showed the similarities which exists between European and American education. Procedure. After a discussion of background material on the theory of play, this study presented an account of the historical and philosophical foundations of our educational system with emphasis upon its application in the primary grades. Summary. The study analyzed the educational value of childhood play and its relation to mental growth based on original texts by Schiller, Froebel, Compayré, and Piaget. Background material for this dissertation was included in the review of literature. In the historical development outlined, the influence of philosophers and historians upon educators of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was emphasized.



Child development, Schiller, Friedrich, 1759-1805, Fröbel, Friedrich, 1782-1852, Compayré, Gabriel, 1843-1913, Piaget, Jean, 1896-1980