An historical study of the Lanham Act and subsequent acts relating to public school construction and operation in Texas



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The Federal government has participated in the education of the people of this nation since 1785. Encouragement and assistance have been extended to all levels of education throughout the years. Emergency situations, such as those caused by the Depression of the 193O's and World War II and its aftermath, have caused an even greater need for assistance from the Federal government. This thesis covers the history of Federal aid to public school construction and operation up to the year 1955, with particular attention to the Lanham Act and subsequent acts as they operated in Texas. The Lanham Act came about as a result of an influx of military personnel and war workers into certain areas of the country before, during, and after World War II. The program of the law consisted of Federal financial aid to school construction, school maintenance and operation, and child care. Certain areas in Texas derived a great deal of benefit from the Federal aid extended under the Lanham program. The State of Texas received $6,669,000 for the construction of schools. For maintenance and operation, allotments to the amount of $4,236,399 were received. [...]