A study of salt resistance in Salicornia bigelovii



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This study is an investigation of the mechanism(s) which might allow a higher plant, Salicornia bigelovii Torr, to survive the extremes in salinity common to its habitat. The stability of the salt content in the halophyte Salicornia in relation to environmental changes was investigated. The results of continuous monitoring of environmental parameters is reported for a complete life cycle of Salicornia. Environmental monitoring included soil conditions, soil pH and individual ion concentrations, rainfall, detection of sodium, potassium and chloride in sea water and changes in internal concentrations of roots and shoots. All ions investigated generally followed the fluctuations found in sea water and rainfall. Due to the lack of information about environmental fluctuations in Salicornia bigelovii habitats and difficulties in providing an artificial environment that parallels the natural one, investigations were undertaken to correlate fluctuations of the natural environment with physiological and transmembrane electropotential (PD) characteristics in relation to salt content of Salicornia. [...]