French Women Perpetuating The French Tradition: Women Composers of Flute Contest Pieces at The Paris Conservatory



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This study of the flute contest pieces at the Paris Conservatory by women composers explores the music of Cécile Chaminade, Jeanine Rueff, Ginette Keller, Thérèse Brenet, and Betsy Jolas. Developments made to the flute, as well as Claude-Paul Taffanel’s influential role as professor at the Conservatory, shaped the evolution of the instrument’s contest pieces and also provides a context for my research on the flute works by Chaminade, Rueff, Keller, Brenet, and Jolas. These pieces were composed over a span of seventy-five years, yet they all illustrate characteristics of the French flute style. Shared sources of inspiration among these composers include influential mentors, historical events, as well as art and literature. My examination of these works is presented with the intention of not only highlighting consistent French flute style traits, but also acting as a tool for flutists wishing to analyze these works in a new light and create a well-informed, successful performance.



Flute (instrument), Paris conservatory, Contest pieces