The role of audience-related considerations in the improvement of persuasive writing



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The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the training of students in procedures for dealing with audience throughout the writing process and time and the level of persuasive writing performance of the students. The level of writing performance was evaluated both holistically and analytically. The major null hypothesis of the study was that there is no significant difference between the level of writing performance for students receiving instruction in procedures for addressing audience needs and for students not receiving this instruction. The related sub-hypothesis was that there is no significant difference between the effects of the treatment in the morning and in the afternoon. The subjects of the study were 104 students who were randomly assigned by computer to one teacher's four regular twelfth-grade English classes. Equivalence of grouping in writing performance was tested and verified through a pre-test which required students in the four groups to write an initial composition. Intervention in the classroom consisted of nine fifty-five minute periods spaced out over a six-week period. [...]



Persuasion (Rhetoric), English language--Rhetoric