Implementation of a computer-based management information system : an analysis of organizational change



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Change is inevitable and colleges and universities are no exception. Especially in times of decreasing budgets, declining enrollments, and increasing demands for accountability, many academic institutions often undergo special forms of organizational change. In order to possibly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of colleges and universities, many administrators often implement technological innovations. The particular change discussed in the current research involved the implementation of a computer-based management information system which was specifically designed for the student records area. The hypoth- ses emanating from the investigation postulated a relationship between four organizational variables and measures of effectiveness. Specifically, the independent variables of participation, influence, support, and effect and the dependent variables of value ratings and frequency of use of the MIS were identified. The sample consisted of individuals who may have need to use the types of student-related information which is typically stored in the MIS data banks. This would include demographic and academic student records, course inventories, and class schdule information. The individuals included in the research were supervisory or middle-level and nonsuper- visory level personnel. [...]



Universities and colleges--Administration, Organizational change, Management information systems