A software tool for configuration control management



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This thesis develops a method for supporting tne communication flow in a chief programmer team programming environment for the design and implementation of large, complex software systems by independent teams working in parallel. The inherent problem with the communication environment of such centrally controlled programming teams is that design changes which affect the implementation and integration activities may not be transmitted immediately to the appropriate personnel. These communication delays prolong the completion of the software project. To solve this managerial problem, a software tool is developed in this thesis to provide the following librarian facilities : (1) allow the system design and the responsibilities of each team to be specified by the chief designer; (2) generate appropriate messages (in conjunction with the editor) regarding the availability and/or update status of eacn module; (3) facilitate documentation by automatically 'linking' related portions of different modules. This software tool provides configuration control functions in a language independent manner and can be moved to different hardware by incorporating it with the operating system of the host machine.



Computer programming--Management