A study of interest test fakeability



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The fact that everyone does not answer interest questionnaires truthfully when applying for employment has long been recognized. This has in the past limited the value of these tests for employment purposes. Some interest questionnaires are more easily faked than others because of transparency of items. The Kuder Vocational Preference Record is more fakeable than the Strong Vocational Interest Blank. The main criticism of the Kuder test is the obvious vocational implication of many items and the ease with which faking and/or unconscious distortion can take place. A new interest questionnaire is the Purdue Job Preference Survey which is intended to sample job activit at a non-professional level. This test is supposed to be used in determining the interests of unskilled and semi-skilled workers. The purpose of this study is to investigate the fakeabilit of the Purdue Job Preference Survey and to compare the fakeability with the Kuder Vocational Preference Record. [...]



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