The Reception of Transgender Women in Online Women-Loving-Women Spaces



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This work explores the reception of transgender women in online spaces made by and for women-loving-women. The complicated and often transmisogynistic dynamics between transgender and cisgender women-loving-women have been well-documented, and there are many studies on the importance of online communities, especially for queer individuals; however, very little research has been done to bridge the gap between these two topics. For this study, 15 transgender women-loving-women who have been members of the Subreddit r/actuallesbians for at least six months were interviewed about their experience in the community and on Reddit in general in regards to their identity. Results indicated that transgender women are for the most part welcomed in r/actuallesbians specifically; though, their reception varies widely between Subreddits for queer women. Additionally, cisnormativity plagues even the most welcoming of communities for queer women.



Transgender, Women, Women-Loving-Women, Lesbian, Online, Reddit, LGBTQIA