A dynamic mode of the effects of groundwater recharge in the Clear Lake City-NASA area



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High rates of groundwater withdrawal have resulted in serious declines in water levels in the aquifers of the Houston area. These declines have been instrumental in the high subsidence rates present in the area. The study involved an examination of artificial recharge to reverse the downward trend of the piezometric surface. A digital model was developed for the well system found in the Clear Lake City-NASA area. Included in the model were both existing wells and proposed recharge wells. The Theis equation was used as the basis for determining the effect of each well on the piezometric surface. A study was also conducted on amounts of water available for aquifer recharge. The results clearly show that a system of recharge wells would dramatically raise the piezometric surface in the study area. This increase in water levels can be accomplished using available water resources if properly treated. The effect of increased piezometric levels is discussed with respect to the expected effect on subsidence rates in the area.