A user-extensible microprogrammed assembler



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The design and implementation of a user-extensible assembler for the Miorodata 1600/30 computer are presented. The objectives of the project are 1) to provide the user with the capability to integrate the microprogrammed routines he developed into the basic instruction repetoire of a computer and 2) to enhance the overall performance of the assembler through microprogramming. Two attempts were made to microprogram the assembler. The final implementation consists of a set of microprograms integrated with a main program written in assembly language and driven by a page controller. The system works in a configuration of 32K bytes core memory. Design alternatives, based on trade-offs between memory and speed, are discussed in detail. Performance measurements and comparisons were made between the original and the new versions of the assembler. It was found that the new version was in general twice as fast as the original. Finally, the appendices consist of the User's Guide, a general description of the support software and the listing of the programs.