The Joint Effects of Avoidance: Coping and Personality on Burnout



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There are many different coping styles, some healthier than others. I examined how an avoidant coping style, which is generally considered unhealthy, can be beneficial for some people. Among individuals low in neuroticism and low in extraversion, such coping styles as denial and disengagement might actually help reduce burnout. Those low in extraversion and high in neuroticism may also benefit from avoidance coping. However, individuals high in extraversion and low in neuroticism (and high in both) might have the opposite reaction to avoidance coping. With this study, I intended to examine how personality interacts with avoidance coping to affect burnout. Results revealed problems with the scales, main effects consistent with expectation, and mixed results with the form of the three-way interaction.



Burnout, Avoidance coping, Extraversion, Neuroticism, Psychology