Criteria identified by American professors for selecting participants for the Polytechnic Institute program in India



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This study was concerned with the establishment of criteria for selecting polytechnic institute participants in India. A questionnaire, based on the opinion of American professors, was devised to test six major categories: educational qualifications; experience background; academic background; age; professional status; and general characteristics. In addition, characteristics of American students pref erred by the American professors were identified. Means, standard deviations, coefficient correlations, and t-tests were used to analyze responses on the rating scales of Indian participants and preferred student characteristics. The results indicate that diploma or degree holders, technicians, B.Sc. and M.Sc. with less than two years of teaching or industrial experience, and teachers with scientific or mathematical backgrounds should be admitted in the institute program. Participants should represent the entire range of the profession, be highly recommended by their principals, and be screened to ascertain their leadership qualities as well as personality characteristics.