An EECO perspective on application blanks used by Houston/Gulf coast area school districts



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The objective of this research was to determine whether Houston area school districts were following guidelines given by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in their use of pre-employment inquiries. This inforamtion was then used to determine compliance with the guidelines was related to the numbers of women and minorities in professional positions (teaching and administration/support) in those school districts. The school districts chosen were in the greater Houston area geographically, or shared at least one boundary with a school district that was in the greater Houston area. Application blanks were obtained and compared with a select list of inquiries which are covered by the EEOC guidelines. Full time equivalency figures for teaching and administrative/support personnel were obtained from the Texas Education Agency. These personnel figures were correlated with a compliance index which was derived from the study of the application blanks. Due to the small size of the sample, an accurate correlation was not available. However, some hiring patterns did emerge along racial lines. There proved to be a high correlation between white teachers regardless of sex and white administrators; a correlation existed between minority teachers regardless of sex and minority administrators. The conclusions only tell that discrmination in hiring is not directly connected with compliance with the EEOC guidelines on pre-employment inquiries.



Discrimination in employment, Houston Region, School personnel management, Law and legislation