An inquiry into the oral communication patterns of eight disadvantaged pre-school Negro boys in Houston, Texas, 1966



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This investigation was designed to determine the effect of a four-week period of enrichment activities upon the verbal content in the oral expressions of a group of eight disadvantaged pre-school Negro boys in Houston, Texas, 1966. The language difficulties of the children in this study encompassed such broad areas as teaching methodology, racial-class sociology, and physical and mental growth and development. These multiple factors affecting the subjects' oral communications abilities made necessary a variety of data-gathering techniques. The children's home life was explored through visits by the investigator and a social worker. The behavior of the subjects was periodically recorded in the form of anecdotal comments. The physical health of the subjects was reported from the results of a physical examination. Structured and non-structured language situations, involving four weeks of learning activities, served as a basis for the gathering of oral language data for this study. The beginning level and indicated progress of the children's psycholinguistic abilities during this study were determined through analysis of pre-study and poststudy performance of the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities. The overt language of the children was periodically recorded by means of a tape recorder. Approximately fifty thousand feet, representing forty-two hours, of taped conversation were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. [...]