An investigation of factors tending to facilitate or to obstruct progress in local action research in public schools



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The investigation was undertaken to discover how the conduct of action research projects that had satisfactorily culminated or were ongoing differed from that of projects that came to an early standstill, and what administrators may do to create in their schools a climate favoring action research. The activity known as action research was found not to be altogether new, although the term has entered educational literature recently. It is nearly synonymous with service research, applied research, cooperative research, and operations research. Among advantages of action research are its treatment of a problem in its setting rather than through an unrealistic effort to isolate a single variable, its applicability to local situations, and the immediacy of its benefits. The following was accepted as a working definition: Action research is an undertaking by teachers to collaborate In an experimental attack on a shared problem with a view to establishing through appraisal of trials an Improved solution which can be incorporated successfully into routine action in the local context. [...]