Glorianna Homestead, 41JP94 : an archaeological and historical explanation of a nineteenth century East Texas Piney Woods agricultural adaptation



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The Glorianna Homestead (41JP94) was established in 1859, in antebellum East Texas, as a cotton, cash-crop, plantation system. The problem being addressed in this research is the relationship between behavior and environment. This includes the identification of an artifact pattern reflective of this agricultural system that can be spacially and temporally compared to other sites, and the extraction of hypotheses from historical and environmental records that can be tested archaeologically concerning human behavior. The results will contribute to a better understanding of the lifestyles and behavior of these early Texas settlers. The need to abandon the homestead in 1882, is explained as an overexploitation of the environment resulting in an inability to continue the processes of agriculture.



Excavations (Archaeology), Slavery, Jasper County, Texas