An approach to teaching community health nursing in a diploma program



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It was the purpose of this project to (1) formulate and define objectives for teaching community health nursing, (2) plan learning opportunities for students to achieve the stated objectives, and (5) evaluate achievement of these objectives in terms of student behaviors at the conclusion of the program. Participants in the project consisted of thirty students at Lillie Jolly School of Nursing, Houston, Texas whose studies in community health nursing began in June, 1966, and were completed in January, 1968. No control group was used. The plan for teaching community health nursing as implemented in this school consisted of planned classroom instruction and opportunities for the student to practice the desired behaviors. Objectives were developed and defined in terms of student behaviors for each of the three domains: cognitive, psychomotor, and affective. Seventeen community agencies were selected for student experiences in addition to outpatient services at the Memorial Baptist Hospital, Houston, Texas. [...]