Dynamic interfacial properties at liquid-liquid interfaces



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In the present work several methods were developed for the absolute measurement of the surface shear and surface dilatational viscosities (c and k respectively). The techniques being employed were circulation and deformation tests on single drops suspended in a simple Couette shear field. These techniques involved: i) Measurements of drop deformation. ii) Measurements of circulation patterns and circulation times inside the drop. iii) Measurements of circulation patterns and circulation times on closed streamlines outside the drop. In this study the systems tested were relatively simple as only one or two component phases were used. The deformation experiments were developed fully and established as an accurate method for obtaining data on dynamic interfacial effects. These tests were experimentally much easier to complete than the longer more complex circulation techniques. It was established that the internal circulation procedures were feasible but the accuracy and scope of such tests were not completely determined. Even though the present techniques for external circulation were not viable, a method was established to determine the presence of the critical streamline in one particular liquid system.