The psycholinguistic characteristics of visually impaired children : An ITPA pattern analysis



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The present study was designed to assess the psycholinguistic traits of visually impaired (VI) children, as measured by the Revised Edition of the ITPA. Since no previous research has been reported using the Revised ITPA with visually handicapped children, the purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the ITPA performance of normally sighted (NS) and VI children, and to observe the differential performance of three VI subgroups by degree of impairment. The ITPA was administered to twenty-four VI children and twenty- four NS children, matched on age, verbal IQ, sex, and ethnic group. The VI group scored significantly less well than the NS group on overall ITPA performance, due to low scores on three visual subtests. Performance differences on the remaining subtests, including Visual Memory, were unremarkable. The psycholinguistic quotient was found to be an invalid estimate of IQ for VI children.



Illinois test of psycholinguistic abilities, Children with visual disabilities--Testing