Performance of older normal adults on a brief test of cognitive functioning: the cognitive capacity screening examination



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The distribution of scores on the Cognitive Capacity Screening Examination (CCSE) was examined. The sample consisted of 116 normal aging adults, age 50 to 91, with and without risk factors for stroke. Multiple regression analysis of both age and education on CCSE scores yielded statistically significant prediction of CCSE scores. A table of predicted CCSE scores and 95% confidence bounds was generated based on four levels of education and incremented at one year age intervals. The affects of risk factors (hypertension, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, smoking behavior, and frequency of alcohol consumption) on total CCSE scores was also assessed. Only alcohol consumption contributed to the prediction of CCSE scores beyond age and education. The formulation of a risk factor index did not improve prediction of CCSE scores. Results were discussed in terms of the validity and implications of the predicted CCSE scores.



Older people, Cognition in old age