The yield of corn grain and forage tops as influenced by time of topping



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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of three different topping dates on grain and top yields of corn. The facts brought out in this study aret (1) grain yield as influenced by removing the "tops", (2) yield of "tops" as Influenced by different topping dates, (3) the effect of "topping" on lodging, and (4) the comparison of the value of "tops" with the grain lost due to "topping". Results indicated that! (1) topping corn twenty-one days after silking significantly decreased the yield of grain; (2) the grain yield tends to increase accordingly as the topping date is delayed; (3) "topping" had little effect on lodging in this particular study; (4) yield of "tops" by weight decreased with the delay of topping dates; (5) the value of grain lost due to "topping" exceeded the value of "tops" gained as forage; (6) It is not economical to top corn; and (7) If "topping" Is to be done, the "tops" should not be cut earlier than twenty-eight days after silking. It is believed that additional study of the effect of "topping" on lodging should be done.