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The following written document is an attempt to verbally expand upon the visual imagery of my paintings and to. explain the process of art-making in my work. It is a totally subjective point of view and does not attempt to claim that all artists make their art from this perspective. This thesis is a statement on my belief that art can be personal and reflective of the artist's life and that through the metamorphosis of experience into art object, valid statements can be made about life and the nature of man. This is a belief that, within an individual's life experiences, universal meaning can be found. When applying for the Master's of Fine Arts program at the University of Houston, I wrote in my "Statement of Intent" the following: My objective as an artist is to learn, through painting, to communicate, but most importantly to have a command over my medium that will express in an exciting way my reactions to my environment and the time I live in. I hope to continue to grow through my work and to learn from it. As an artist, my most important goals are to continue to learn, to grow creatively, and to bring to my art the highest degree of skill and knowledge I am capable of achieving. My goals have not changed. I do feel I have progressed toward these goals; but, also, I realize that they are life long goals. Both my paintings and this thesis have given me an opportunity to reflect on my life and art experiences. In an attempt to explain my work, I have felt it necessary to describe my background, because I feel both my work and my life are closely related. As Alan Ginsberg wrote in "Transcription of Organ Music," "...to witness my existance..." I believe is inherent in the "...search for growth...;" and the search for growth is inherent in my art-making.