An examination of the organization, planning, and control attributes of word processing, and data processing departments



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The integration of word processing and data processing could take place along four dimensions: hardware/software, people, data/text, and departmental attributes of organization, planning, and control (OPC). This dissertation is an examination of the latter - OPC attributes of word processing (WP) and data processing (DP) departments. The goal of the research was to identify OPC attributes which could be important to successful integration of WP and DP in organizations. A field study was performed using a sample of 51 - 25 WP managers and 26 DP managers. Participating organizations were divided into two groups: those considering a WP/DP merger (C-WPDP departments), and those not considering a WP/DP merger (NC-WPDP departments). Questionnaires were used for data collection. There were two questionnaires - one for WP managers and one for DP managers. The data was analyzed using the Fisher exact probability test or, where applicable, the chi-square test. Significant results were restated as propositions for future research. [...]



Office practice--Automation, Word processing