GENESIS: Geospatial Environmental Nutrient Evaluation System for Inland Streams



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Nutrients in natural water systems are necessary and not inherently harmful; however, in excess, they pose environmental harm and are thus considered “pollutants” necessitating management and control. While numerous models exist for simulating nutrients and their sources, no tools exist presently for understanding nutrient impacts on water quality or ecological resources at multiple spatial and temporal scales. This research addresses this gap by developing a framework for decision-makers in the site-specific management of nutrients. Using a geospatial decision support system approach, the developed framework integrates contextual geospatial information; pollutant sources; monitoring data; and analysis and modeling tools using Digital Earth visualization. GENESIS was demonstrated in the Spring Creek watershed within the San Jacinto River Basin in southeast Texas. GENESIS provided the capability of investigating total phosphorus and dissolved oxygen at multiple spatial scales and developing the input for models used in a total maximum daily load assessment for water quality.



Surface water quality, Geospatial decision support system, Spatial decision support system