Jennifer Haley’s Virtual Worlds



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My thesis examines three plays by the 21st century playwright Jennifer Haley, whose body of work combines theatre with video game-like worlds to reveal how an individual can explore their perception of self outside of social constructs of physical reality. The first chapter is a textual analysis of The Nether, that explores the connection between an individual and their usage of an avatar.  In the second chapter, I examine Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom (N3RD). N3RD explores connections among alternate realities, consumerism, and immersive theatre. My third and last chapter looks to FROGGY and how humans relate to images. In examining these plays, I argue that Haley’s dramaturgical approaches invite spectators to question perception of self in both virtual and physical realities. The immersive experience of a virtual world converts a piece of media from spectacle to something that contributes to the identity formation both in virtual and physical realities.



Jennifer Haley, Virtual, Theatre