The Solo Piano Works of Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee



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Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee (b. 1938) is an Armenian American composer, pianist, teacher and lecturer. Rahbee currently gives lectures on her music and teaches piano from her private studio in Belmont, Massachusetts. Rahbee’s solo piano works, the majority of her compositional output, have recently captured the attention of pianists and audiences around the world. Very few sources have been written about the piano works of Dianne Rahbee, and this document provides the first comprehensive study of all of Dianne Rahbee’s works for solo piano.

Chapter one begins with a biographical account of Rahbee’s life and chronicles critical milestones in the composer’s development as a musician. The chapter focuses on Rahbee’s early musical training, beginnings as a composer, influential colleagues, and significant awards and achievements.

The remaining chapters categorize the solo piano works by genre and offer a comprehensive description of Rahbee’s compositions for piano beginning with the pedagogical pieces for children, followed by preludes, ballades, sonatas, miscellaneous works, and the Phantasie Variations. Background information in each genre will precede a stylistic overview.

Detailed analyses from the first movement of Sonata no. 1, op.25, and the Phantasie Variations, op. 12 appear in their respective chapters. Each analysis draws upon specific stylistic features of Rahbee's work in an attempt to better understand her unique musical language. An appendix provides a chronological listing of Rahbee's entire catalog of solo piano works.



The Solo Piano Works of Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee, Rahbee, Dianne, Piano music