An Intelligent and Unified Concept of Operations for Human-Spaceflight



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This paper provides the framework for a new concept of operations for displays and controls. The current state of the art on the International Space Station (ISS) and the problem identified is that there are over 80 computers and over 3,000 distinct user interfaces. This results in an inefficient and overly complicated system that requires more crew training, maintenance, and higher rates of redundancy, mass, volume, and power consumption. In space, all resources are valuable, including crew time. The proposed concept of operations (ConOps) offers a simpler, streamlined solution. The solution requires a centralized data management system with multiple local nodes that can be remotely or hardwired connected using one portable tablet for each crew member. This unifies both hardware and software from a user perspective. Additionally, this design leverages Internet of Things (IoT) concepts. For example, payloads will be able to communicate with crew based on crew schedule and proximity. As systems interact with each other, it provides a simpler way for crew to manage and complete tasks, thus reducing the overhead of logging in and out of multiple systems. To summarize, the redesigned operations uses one display and one user interface (tablet) to communicate and connect remotely or via docking station to payloads/systems in order execute day to day tasks.



ConOps, Streamlined, Unified