A characteristic analysis of occupational therapy and the role of its practitioners as perceived by practitioners, educators, and students



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The purpose of this study was to present a characteristic analysis of occupational therapy practice and to investigate the attitudes of occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and students as they describe the perceived role of the practitioner. The research focused on issues fundamental to the philosophy and practice of occupational therapy. The occupational therapy literature suggested both a need for research in these areas as well as four hypotheses concerning the role of the practitioner which could be tested through use of a Likert scale and demographic data sheet. A 19-item Likert scale was designed by the investigator to yield information concerning subjects' attitudes related to therapist role characteristics, occupational therapy treatment, and the profession. A seven-item demographic data form provided information concerning subjects' respondent type, gender, age, highest level of education, entry-level of occupational therapy education, number of years of clinical or educational practice, and specialty interest section practice. [...]



Occupational therapy