Kolač or Kolache? The Modernization of Czech Cultural Foodways in Texas



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The present research study analyzes the modernization of Texas Czech cultural foodways through the evolution of the traditional pastry known as the kolach and compares this food item to the contemporary Texas food item known as the klobasnik. Through ethnographic research methods using participant observation, guided conversations, and interviews this research study compares the cultural transmission within the Texas Czech Belt throughout Texas and some diasporic Czech communities outside of the state of Texas. In addition to the cultural foodway analysis of bakeries and other forms of food production within the Texas Czech community, the cultural transmission of language, customs such as music and dancing in relation to places where the kolach and klobasniky are both produced and consumed are evaluated. The introduction of alternative modes of cultural transmission have also been found in this research study to supplement any alterations due to modernization and commercialization of cultural foodways and customs within the Texas Czech community. Additional navigation of ethnographic research in the face of obstacles such as the current pandemic is addressed as this not only affects current research but may contribute to future research studies which may face similar obstacles, thus creating the potential for pioneering methods not only in the modernization of cultural transmission but also in anthropological research studies. Conducting field research during a pandemic is also analyzed in this thesis which may be useful for future field or ethnographic research which may be resticted in similar ways.



Texas-Czech, Cultural transmission