Study of a Single-Sided Pounding Tuned Mass Damper for Vibration Control on a Cantilevered-Pipe System



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Suspended pipeline structures, with little vibration control, such as those in chemical factories, power plants, and ocean underwater pipelines are susceptible to vibrations which can be detrimental to the health and reliability of the structure. Previous studies have shown how the incorporation of a Pounding Tuned Mass Damper (PTMD) into similar structures has effectively diminished the effects of these vibrations by removing vibration energy from the main structure and then dissipating the vibration energy through impacts. A particular PTMD, the Single-sided PTMD (SS-PTMD), has been found to have a much simpler design and obtain better results than the original design. However, as SS-PTMDs are relatively new, a full analysis of their robustness and effectiveness on different structures is unknown. To explore the effectiveness and robustness of the SS-PTMD, a cantilevered-pipe set-up was designed and built, and pluck excitation tests and forced vibration tests were conducted. Using Piezo-Ceramic-Transducers to record the vibrations, we found that it took 33.56% less time for the vibrations to be reduced to 10% of the maximum in the pluck tests. Similarly, the vibration intensity was reduced by 63.45% in the forced vibration test. These results were taken using only the preliminary design of the SS-PTMD as it worked as a Tuned Mass Damper. This suggests that should a similar trend occur as it has for other SS-PTMDs, the vibration reduction achievable by the final SS-PTMD should be able to easily reduce vibrations on the pipe by over 70%.



Mechanical engineering