Learning To Transgress: Transformándonos a través de prácticas artísticas



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This thesis addresses the state of artivism and transgressions in response to a form of extreme gender violence known as feminicidios, in a specific geographical space in México: Ciudad Juárez. The research attempts to reexamine the heritage of interventions by Monica Mayer, Celia Álvarez Muñoz, and the collective Casa Centrox16. Through this analysis, I address their individual experiences, highlighting the emphasis they place on the creation and implementation of collaborative, transgressive, and engaged practices. In order to analyze said pedagogies, I turn to bell hook’s deep engagement with the feminist movement through education in Teaching to Transgress, along with in order literature in an effort to reconcile a violent past and articulate whether justice is possible, and how. Furthermore, hooks text is also a tool through which I attempt to find my own space for the practice of transgression.



Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks, Celia Álvarez Muñoz, Monica Mayer, Casa Centrox16, Ciudad Juarez, Artivism, Interventions, Feminicidios, Engaged Pedagogy.