An examination of depression upon the outcomes of patients in a protein sparing modified fast weight loss program



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Depression as measured by the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), was examined to determine its relationship with two criterion variables in a weight loss program: weight loss and length of program participation. The study was conducted as a retrospective investigation using the records of 352 patients who participated in a hospital based Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) weight loss program. Upon entry to the program, 20.4 percent of the patients were found to have BDI scores indicative of moderate to severe depression; a figure in excess of "normal" populations cited in the literature. Analysis of the results did not yield significant relationships between depression scores and the two criterion variables. A significant relationship was found between BDI scores and a scale measurement of emotional eating. Several of the limitations of this investigation were inherent to its retrospective design; these may be improved in the future through the controls possible with a prospective methodology.



Weight loss--Psychological aspects, Depression, Mental