Biochemical changes during development of eggs, larvae, and post-larvae of the shrimp Penaeus stylirostris (Stimpson)

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Eggs, protozoeae, and postlarvae of the shrimp Penaeus Styliros- tris were examined for protein, total carbohydrate, and total lipid content, dry weight, percent water, and sterol and fatty acid content. Protein was found to make up 38% and 34% of the dry weight of the egg and protozoea, and increase to 61% of the postlarva. Carbohydrate content remained constant between 3% and 5% of the dry weight. Lipid fluctuated from 26% of the dry weight in the egg to 6% in the protozoea and 14% in the postlarva. In contrast, protein and carbohydrate content per animal increased during development from egg to postlarva, accompanying an increase in dry weight. Lipid content per animal remained constant from egg to protozoea and increased from protozoea to postlarva. The percent water content remained constant during development from egg to postlarva. Fatty acid content per animal increased for all fatty acids studied from egg to postlarva. The C18 and C20 fatty acids were found to increase in relative percent to a greater extent than the other fatty acids, while the C16 and C22 fatty acids were found to decrease in relative percent during development. The predominant sterol was cholesterol, which was found to make up over 95% of the sterol fraction, and no difference between egg and postlarva could be discerned on a relative percent basis.