Decreasing 30-Day Hospital Readmissions for Patients with CHF using Teach-Back Method



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Background: Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects 6.2 million Americans. CHF has a high readmission rate within 30 days of hospitalization. Using the teach-back method (TBM) for discharge is an effective means of helping patients with self-management at home. PICOT: In hospitalized adult patients with CHF, how does TBM for discharge teaching compared to routine discharge teaching affect hospital readmission rates of acute exacerbation in 30 days? Synthesis: The evidence demonstrated the TBM increased understanding and compliance which reduced hospital readmission rates. Plan for Change: Implementation will occur in an acute care facility with patients with CHF, where RNs will be trained on TBM and accompanied by written education materials for the patient. The plan will be evaluated with a phone call 48-72 hours post discharge to assess patient’s knowledge.



Congestive heart failure, Teach back, Self-management, Education, Discharge, Readmission rates