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Computers are being used to a great extent to simulate problems in many fields, engineering as well as others. In 1967, a Generalized Material Handling Stimulation System (MHSS) was developed by Dr. C. E. Donaghey, Jr. for the purpose of enabling an engineer or manager to simulate his own material handling system efficiently and also to test proposed changes. In order to achieve the goal of easy communication between the user and the MHSS system, a user language was designed and interfaced with the system. The original MHSS model was also reprogrammed to be as flexible as possible for general purposes. The new system (named the University of Houston Material handling Language or UHMHL in this thesis) has the capability to check for syntax errors, to translate data from free format into the MHSS input format, and to generate simulated results. Specific commands are designed, and the use of them is illustrated by examples. The complete program is implemented for the UMIVAC 1108 system.