Integrating Lorenz Hyperchaotic Encryption with Ring Oscillator Physically Unclonable Functions (RO-PUFs) for High-Throughput Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

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With the combined call for increased network throughput and security comes the need for high-bandwidth, unconditionally secure systems. Through the combination of true random number generators (TRNGs) for unique seed values, and four-dimensional Lorenz hyperchaotic systems implemented on a Stratix 10 Intel FPGA, we are able to implement 60 MB/s encryption/decryption schemes with 0% data loss on an unconditionally secure system with the NIST standard using less than 400 mW. Further, the TRNG implementation allows for unique encryption outputs for similar images while still enabling proper decryption. Histogram and adjacent pixel analysis on sample images demonstrate that without the key, it is not possible to extract the plain text from the encrypted image. This encryption scheme was implemented via PCIe for testing and analysis.

Electronics 12 (24): 4929 (2023)