An analysis of teacher attitudes toward interpersonal relationships and job satisfaction in desegregated schools



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Purpose. The major purpose of this study was to determine if there is a significant relationship between participation in an "Inservice Training Institute on Problems of School Desegregation" and the race of "cross-over" teachers with their attitudes toward desegregated interpersonal role relationships, experiences and job satisfaction during the 1968-69 school year. A second purpose was to examine the 1967-69 school policy of assigning only volunteers to "cross-over" teaching positions in the Houston school system. Procedures. The design of this study provided for the comparison of two groups of Houston public school "cross-over" teachers. The experimental group of 75 was randomly selected from a population who had volunteered to participate in a desegregation training institute. The control group of 67 was randomly selected from a population who had not participated in any desegregation training institutes, but had volunteered for "cross-over" teaching assignments. Both samples were stratified by race and grade level taught. The "Inventory of Attitudes and Experiences of School Teachers" was used to assess the attitudes and experiences of teachers who had taught in the faculty of a desegregated school. Sixteen scales from this research instrument were analyzed to determine whether significant differences in group means exist among the subsamples when comparing institute and non-institute trained black and white "cross-over" teachers. The analysis of variance procedure permitted the examination of mean scale scores among the subsamples. Differences between two specific subsample means were tested for significance using the t-test. The chi-square statistical technique was used to test the differences in teacher characteristics among the subsamples analyzed. The hypotheses of no difference among the subsamples were tested at the .05 level.



School integration--Texas--Houston, Teachers--Texas--Houston--Attitudes, Interpersonal relations, Teachers--Texas--Houston--Job satisfaction