Interpersonal relationships and their associations with perceptions of communication effectiveness in work-related communication networks



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The major focus of this research was to examine specific factors that affect interpersonal relationships and the association of these relationships with the effectiveness of communication in work-related communication networks. Three primary objectives were addressed in this effort. First,•to develop a theoretical framework that includes concepts from human information processing theory, network structure theory, and concepts that deal with interpersonal relationships. Second, to determine empirically the extent to which members of work-related communication dyads are similar and/or dissimilar with respect to certain personal and demographic attributes and the association of these factors with information flows in work-related communication. Third, to determine empirically the impact of interpersonal relations between dyad members on the perceived effectiveness of information flows in work-related communication networks and to also determine how these individual perceptions match the independent observations of supervisory personnel. [...]



Interpersonal relations, Communication in organizations