Disciplinary equity : employee perceptions, evaluations, and reactions



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Discipline as an organizational variable has been ignored by organizational researchers (Arvey & Ivancevich, 1980; Hogan & Emler, 1980; Miller & Vidmar, 1980). In spite of this lack of research, discipline is regularly applied in organizations (Miner & Miner, 1977; Bobko, 1978). The purpose of this investigation was to examine employees reactions to a discipline system within the framework of equity theory. Employee perceptions of disciplinary inputs, equity evaluations, fairness evaluations, and attitudinal and behavioral outcomes and their interrelationships were examined. The results indicated that the supervisor, the factors considered in disciplinary decision making, and equity and fairness evaluations were important factors in employee reactions to the disciplinary system. The findings of this study were interpreted, generalizations and limitations were discussed, and future research suggestions were made.



Labor discipline, Personnel management