Intermediate and advanced level group instruction in undergraduate applied music : a survey and analysis



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Group-oriented applied-music instruction was defined as the simultaneous teaching of two or more applied-music students at intermediate or advanced levels, which, in effect, reduced the individual teacher contact time normally allotted to private studio instruction. The central objective of this study was to determine the nature and extent of such instruction in four-year private and public colleges and universities with music departments fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music for the academic year 1975-1976. Questionnaires designed for administrators and appropriate applied-music faculty elicited facts regarding institution, faculty, and student involvement, and selected aspects of organization and implementation. Part of the questionnaires sought opinions concerning factors influencing the emergence of such instruction and its apparent advantages and disadvantages. Over 70 percent of 321 administrators and 370 applied-music faculty responded. Data thus obtained was analyzed through the use of a Xerox CP-IV Model 560 computer and an electronic calculator. Statistics in the form of frequencies, percentiles, averages, and weighted averages were presented in tabular, graphic and narrative form. [...]